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Day-to-day operation of the Society is managed by our Frontline Team, details can be found on the FrontLine Team page.

The Corporate Governance of the Society, as a Company Limited by Guarantee, is assured through the Board of Directors and the Society's Members. Our Company Number is 3033089.

During the year, the Board monitors the performance of the charity against the objectives set out below:-

  • To at least break even and grow income by a least 5% above Retail Price Index (RPI) each financial year.
  • To raise the public profile of the Society by increasing media coverage, networking activities and promotional material.
  • To achieve and maintain effective quality assurance systems.
  • To deliver and broaden services to meet emergent and current contractual obligations.
  • To retain, train and support highly qualified staff and volunteers to ensure excellent services are delivered.
  • To maintain and develop appropriate physical resources to enable services to be delivered and enhanced.


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